Vol 54, No 1-2 (2012)

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Ideas & Perspectives

Religious Education as a Prevention of Learned Helplessness and Depression: Theoretical Consideration Abstract PDF
Vadim S. Rotenberg
Activation of Retinotopic Visual Areas is Central to REM Sleep Associated Dreams: Visual Dreams and Visual Imagery Possibly Co-emerged in Evolution Abstract PDF
István Bókkon, Birendra Nath Mallick
Dissipationless Transfer of Visual Information from Retina to the Primary Visual Cortex in the Human Brain Abstract PDF
Vahid Salari Salari, Majid Rahnama, Jack A. Tuszynski


Subliminal Afterimages Via Ocular Delayed Luminescence: Transsaccade Stability of the Visual Perception and Color Illusion Abstract PDF
István Bókkon, Ram L.P. Vimal
Cognitive Distortions During Law Enforcement Shooting Abstract PDF
Marek Novy

Short Communications

Cognitive Dysfunction in Diabetic Patients with Special Reference to Age of Onset, Duration and Control of Diabetes Abstract PDF
Priyam Mukherjee et al.

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