Vol 51, No 1 (2009)

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Original Articles

Component N400 can be demonstrated in the event-related potential from a simple auditory time paradigm Abstract PDF
Miloslav Kukleta, Michel Lamarche, Jacques Louvel

Case Studies

Compulsive hoarding in an older adult with aggression, delusions and memory loss: A multimodality neuroimaging study Abstract PDF
Vijay N. Chennamchetty, Teresa J. Poprawski, John W. Crayton, Elizabeth A. Hamilton, Lukasz M. Konopka


Search activity concept: Relationship between behavior, health and brain functions Abstract PDF
Vadim S. Rotenberg


Sensory transduction and subjective experience: Expression of eight genes in three senses suggests a radical model of consciousness Abstract PDF
Chris King

Concepts & Ideas

Indigenous healing practitioners and their use of hypnotic-like procedures Abstract PDF
Stanley Krippner

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